Stokke Bundle Flexi Bath And Newborn Support White

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Product Overview

The Stokke Flexi Bath Bundle is a foldable bath suitable from birth up to four years old. The space saving design makes it easy to store and convenient for when travelling. The Stokke Flexi Bath Newborn Support provides additional comfort for newborn babies. As stokke are always striving to improve their products, they have included a heat sensitive drain plug. The plug works by changing colour, this visual cue lets parents know when to check the temperature.



  • Foldable for easy transportation & storage
  • Lightweight
  • Has a non slip base & a heat sensitive plug
  • The newborn support ensures an optimal ergonomic position and use from birth
  • Product weight in kg/lbs: 1,3/2,2
  • Product dimensions in cm/in: L66xW24x3H0/26x9,4x13,7
  • Folded product dimensions in cm/in: L63xW24xH10/24,8x9,4x3,9
  • Suitable for age in months: 0-48
  • Materials: PP+TPE

Please note that the plug is not a thermometer. Always check the water temperature with your hand or elbow to ensure that it is the right temperature for your baby's comfort and safety. If in doubt, use a reliable thermometer for accuracy. 

Available to purchase in store and online at Tony Kealys.