How to bring your precious cargo home from the maternity ward safely

How to bring your precious cargo home from the maternity ward safely

How to bring your precious cargo home from the maternity ward safely

All the hard work is done and all that’s required is get your beautiful new baby home safely in your car! Easy right!!  

Here are a few tips to help for your first adventure with your precious baby.   

Install the seat in the car before your baby arrives 

Your first installation is best not done with a screaming baby!  

Most of you will have been to the shop and decided on the type of car seat you would like. Hopefully your retailer will have fitted the car seat in your car to ensured it is compatible and also showed you how to fit it in your car yourself. 

There are two types of baby car seats with different installation options.  

  1. ISOfix base (this is the one we would recommend). This option is easy to install and will save you time every time you get in and out of the car.  
  2.  Belt the baby car seat with the car’s 3-point belt.  

These are both safe options but only if everything is done correctly.  


Where should the baby seat be placed 

The safest place for your baby’s car seat is in the back seat but if you are installing it in the front seat ensure the airbag is disabled. 

Clothes for your baby leaving the hospital 

You will want to keep your baby warm especially in the colder months so plan what clothes to bring your baby home in. Heavy clothing can affect how snugly the harness fits, so use blankets or footmuff (adapted for use in the car seat without compromising safety) instead of bulky jackets in the winter. This makes sure that the harness is making contact with your child’s body. The voski wrap is a very good purchase for keeping your baby at the right temperature through the winter months. Voski wrap.


How to fasten your baby in baby correctly 

Babies tend not to like going in their car seats, so if they start to cry we worry – have I tightened the harness too much are they uncomfortable etc etc.  

Start by loosening the harness of the seat as much as you can so you can put your baby in with ease. 

Place you baby into the seat and start tightening the belt as instructed by the specific car seat manual usually by pulling the central strap. Make sure the belt doesn’t slip off your baby’s shoulders. The rule to follow is that the seat belt should be tight over the babys chest so that you can fit no more than one finger between the belt and the baby. If your baby is not securely fastened with the belt into their car seat there is a higher risk of injury in an accident. 

Using your baby car seat with a Travel System 

Almost all car infant carriers will fit with ease onto the chassis of your pram. When you are purchasing your pram ask what if anything is required to fit your car seat onto your pram. Many travel systems will require adaptors. Travel systems are great and make a quick run to the shop easier as you don’t have to transfer your baby out of their car seat.  

However, be aware not to keep your baby in their car seats for long. Due to the carseat not being entirely flat, the upright position can put a strain on your baby's neck if left in the carseat for too long. It is recommended that newborn babies should not be left in a sitting position any longer than 1 hour. As your baby's neck muscles get stronger you can increase this time to 90 minutes but that is the limit.  


Happy adventures with your bundle of joy.