Our carrycots combine industry-leading safety with first-class comfort and can be fitted onto our pushchairs quickly and easily. From day one, going from car to street without waking your baby has never been so easy. 

With a carrycot, you can keep your baby safe and comfortable for the first few months of life and at the same time, you can have greater freedom as a family.  

Carrycots can often seem like an unnecessary expense, but they are the safest way to transport your baby until approximately the age of 6 months. Newborn baby’s need to lay flat until they are able to support the weight of their own head, this protects spinal development and opens up their airways fully. A carrycot (or a lie flat car seat / carrycot combination) is the perfect way to do this and also enables your baby to explore their hands and feet, as well as encouraging interaction with parents. 

If you’d like to chat through the many pushchair options available, call us, message us or book an appointment for a consultation. We’ll be more than happy to help you find that perfect pushchair for you and your baby.

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