What to pack for a holiday with baby?

What to pack for a holiday with baby?

What to pack for a holiday with baby?

We finally seem to be coming out the other side of the pandemic and it’s time for us to get out and enjoy ourselves, especially if the weather is nice! However, deciding on what to pack has just got a lot more complicated. With a baby there’s often a lot more to remember but that doesn’t mean it should be stressful. 

We have pulled together a list of some travel essentials that are worth considering before you pack for that holiday whether its abroad, a weekend away or a day trip. With buggies, baby carriers, travel cots and more, you can feel relaxed knowing there’s somewhere for baby to sit, sleep and ride in comfort.  

A stroller 

Silver Cross Pop Lightweight Stroller - Bilberry | Natural Baby Shower

A Stroller Is one of your most important accessories on your holidays as you will be transporting your baby a lot. We recommend that you choose a lightweight stroller that lays flat, is easy and compact to fold - you’ll be opening and closing it all the time so try this our before you purchase. 

Lightweight Strollers

Baby carriers/ Slings

Baby carriers are wonderful inventions to give you full use of your hands while keeping your baby close and safe. Even if you use a pushchair, a baby carrier is still worth packing. If your baby is upset or you are concerned about pushing your buggy through crowds then a baby carrier is a great alternative. It can also be a lifesaver in hilly areas or when carrying your baby to the beach. 

Baby Carriers

A new toy for the journey 

Try to choose something multifunctional and colourful that will keep your little one distracted but maybe consider something quiet or at least with a volume button! 


Travel Cot 

You can request a cot be included in your room when you book your holiday, but they won’t always meet the same requirements you would like. Sowhether you’re planning a break away or an evening stay over, a good compact travel cot is a brilliant accessory that you can store in your car boot just in case. 

Travel Cots

Buggy Parasol 

Summer hopefully means sun, so keep your little one covered up from the rays with a buggy parasol. You can purchase one specifically for your buggy or a generic one that you can move to your compact stroller while away. A parasol lets you keep your baby shaded from the sun, wind and rain. 

Sun parasol

Backpack Reins 

As your little one learns to walk, it’s not long until they want to explore. And with that, comes the difficulty of keeping them safe. With a Backpack Reins you can keep them at a safe distance while still letting them enjoy a little independence. And because they come with an additional backpack, it’s perfect for those extra items like toys, books and teddies. With a fun design your little one will love. 

Backpack reins

Sterilising kit 

A travel microwave steriliser is really handy but if you’re seriously short on space in your suitcase, try microwave sterilising bags.  


Portable Black-out blinds 

Anyone who has stayed away from home with little ones will know that it can be tricky to create a snoozy sleeping environment when there is too much light flooding in. A versatile portable blind should allow you to attach to any glass surface in minutes blocking out the light. 

Blackout blinds 

Should you have any other questions about what accessories to bring on your holidays why not pop into one of our stores where our wonderful team will be more than happy to advise you on what works best for you and your babies requirements.