Be Safe - Sip + Impact Cushion For Combi/kid/plus

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Product Overview

If you're lucky enough to own a BeSafe car seat, you'll know that safety is taken very seriously indeed, and you have one of the safest seats on the market. If you own a BeSafe iZi Kid, Combi, Plus or Comfort then you can add even more safety with the BeSafe Side Impact Protection+ Cushion. And why wouldn't you want to?

The SIP+ is an energy absorbing cushion that you can simply clip directly onto the car seat, reducing the distance between it and the car door. In the event of a side collision, the SIP+ will absorb the energy and reduce the movement of the car seat.

Side impact protection cushion
Easy to attach to car seat
Compatible with BeSafe iZi Kid, Combi, Plus or Comfort
Absorbs energy in the event of a side collision giving your child extra protection