Dreamee Sound, Motion And Video Baby Monitor

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Product Overview

You want to be reassured that baby is sleeping safe and sound, but constant checking can risk disturbing their sleep. With Dreamee’s smart 360°camera unit installed in baby’s nursery, you can watch and listen to your baby comfortably from another room via a high definition monitor.

• Video, sound and motion monitor – keep a close eye and ear on your baby while they sleep without the risk of waking them
• 360° smart camera – camera moves through 330°horizontal pan and 110°vertical tilt with a 60° field of view so you can focus on your baby
• Night vision – infra red LED camera gives you a clear view of your baby even in the darkest room
• High definition colour monitor – watch over your baby via a 4.3inch screen with a 2x zoom function
• Up to 300m range – monitor your baby’s sleep without having to be in the same room
• Auto motion tracking – as baby grows more active, the camera can automatically follow their movements in the cot
• Movement sensor mat – place beneath baby to detect movement as they sleep
• CrySensor – listens out for baby’s cries during the night and automatically plays your choice of lullabies or music to soothe and reassure them
• Digital nursery thermometer – helps you maintain a safe sleeping temperature environment for baby